Courses in Winter 2018/19

Studiengang Univis Kurs (OLAT) Art Dozent
Master 030053 Experimental Economics Vorlesung mit Übung Prof. Menusch Khadjavi, Jan Krause

Courses in Summer 2018

Program Univis Course (OLAT) Type Instructor Files
Master 030055 Seminar Behavioral Economics Seminar Prof. James Konow, PhD  
Master 030057 Economics and Ethics Vorlesung Prof. James Konow, PhD  
Bachelor 030058 Seminar Wirtschaftsethik Seminar Prof. James Konow, PhD  
Master 030059 Experimental Economics Seminar Prof. Dr. Menusch Khadjavi  
Bachelor 030040 Wirtschaftsethik Vorlesung Prof. Dr. Menusch Khadjavi  

New Contact for Teaching

Feb 24, 2013

Dear students,

for questions regarding organizational issues or questions about the content of our courses, please contact the following address: econethics@economics.uni-kiel.de